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Caroline Ferguson
Mindset Trainer, Coach & Speaker

It’s hardly surprising that so many business leaders and employees feel stressed. Long hours, the tyranny of the inbox and constant change are just some of the issues taking their toll on people in the workplace.

Your business rises or falls on the potential of your people. If you want a happier, more resilient, more productive team, you need to provide the right training and support.

Investing in your employees' mental, physical and emotional wellbeing delivers huge value, and not just to them. Benefits to you business include greater productivity, reduced costs, a healthier culture and employees who want to stay.

Personal development is becoming as valuable as professional training - and the investment is a great deal less  than the consequences of burn-out.  

image of Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer
Image of Caroline Ferguson speaking
Image of Caroline Ferguson speaking
Image of Caroline Ferguson speaking

Caroline delivers training and guidance on personal wellbeing and how to maintain a healthy mindset at work. As a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, and with 25 years’ experience as a business communications specialist, she has insider knowledge of the challenges facing managers and employees. 

Leadership Training

Working with senior managers to help them identify and overcome mindset constraints such as limiting beliefs, anxiety, procrastination, imposter syndrome and other unhelpful habits.

Group Training

Group coaching brings extra dynamism, motivation and accountability to Mindset Training. This is particularly useful when supporting managers through business transformation.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Engaging, interactive sessions on a range of topics to help employees become more self-aware and resilient. These sessions cover mindset skills that are useful in all areas of life and business.

Corporate Wellbeing Consulting

Carrying out sensitivity audits, and advising HR, Talent Development and Diversity teams on implementing Mindset Training  to improve employee wellbeing and retention.

Caroline has recently delivered Mindset Training for: 

- Deutsche Bank
- Recruitment and Employment Confederation: Women in Recruitment Group
- NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society)
- BBC staff diversity sessions
- The Gamechanger Consultancy/Global Entrepreneur's Week
- Tate Recruitment

Caroline Ferguson Mindset Speaker
Image of Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Speaker
Image of Caroline Ferguson speaking

Peak Performance Mindset for Business Leaders

  • The five key mindset skills every business leader should learn
  • How to build and maintain your "big match" mindset
  • Leading women: how to build your personal authority brand
  • Blast through your inner resistance and play a bigger game
  • How to banish imposter syndrome
  • Communication: the secret weapon of effective leaders
  • How to tap the radical value of "Sensitive Upstart" superheroes
  • The confident leader: how to find your natural authority

Enhance Your Employees's Wellbeing

  • Destress: how to boost resilience and avoid burnout
  • The most crucial mindset skill of all: why self awareness is "42"
  • Change: how to thrive in a constantly shifting workplace
  • Work-Life balance: it's all in the mind
  • How to thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person in the workplace
  • The benefits of working mindfully
  • Beat procrastination and become an action taker
  • How to set meaningful goals and stay motivated to reach them

What Others Are Saying

Event organiser


“We had a wonderful workshop today by Caroline Ferguson. Learning all about how to overcome the various mindset issues that can hold us back in life, how to recognise our triggers and work past them instead of stopping when they arise. It was very insightful. Thank you Caroline.”


“Thank you for another thought-provoking, inspirational and extremely practical workshop. We decided we need a mini version of you to take home and ask questions whenever we need advice! Off to fight some resistance right now.”

Company owner

Positive mindset changes...

"Since working with Caroline, I've been able to make so many positive changes in my mindset which have helped me to move forward. Thank you for your ongoing support & sharing your unique gifts with us."


“Marvellous session, thank you. Grateful if we can get the URL of the recording to share with colleagues who could not attend.”

Image of two people with masks

Tailored sessions...

“Caroline is very approachable, very warm and has the ability to make you feel very comfortable in her presence and with the process very quickly. There is absolutely no judgment, no censorship of thoughts and feelings expressed. Caroline has a wonderful empathy, and is able to draw on her own personal and professional experience to help with a wide range of issues- whilst making you feel as though the session is very much about you, and your objectives. I felt the balance between ensuring I was comfortable, yet pushing me just a fraction more to arrive at a greater understanding (of myself or the process) was just right.”


Fundamental shift...

“We worked together on a particular aspect of achieving a better work life balance. The sessions were very well planned and individually tailored. I am a busy person and felt they were a very good use of my time. Above all else, Caroline’s approach allowed me to relax and to trust the process. It is now only with a little hindsight that I can see some of the really fundamental changes in my approach to everyday issues. It is these small changes which result in me feeling less stressed and having more energy. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline’s services.”

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