Mindset Matters - because your thoughts create your reality.

Meet Caroline Ferguson

Here's a question I often ask my clients:

"What impact do you want to have on the world?" 

After many years working in business communications, I felt increasingly pulled to do something that made a positive difference to people's lives. I started training as a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and instantly knew I'd found a skill-set that would serve me and others.

Being a therapist was rewarding but I soon realised that the clients I enjoyed working with most were those whose amazing potential was being stifled by limiting beliefs and other mindset blocks. I started providing Mindset Training to game-changers and Sensitive Upstarts and haven't looked back. 

These days I'm very clear about the impact I want to make:

Helping intelligent, passionate, high-potential women and men to develop self awareness and gain the mindset tools to stop sabotaging themselves so that they can deliver their own positive impact. 

I'm particularly in love with those rare individuals I call "Sensitive Upstarts" – the 6% of the population who combine high sensitivity with a strong need for high sensation seeking, which is a thirst for new experiences and adventure.

Using CBT, hypnosis and my own mindset training methods, I train my clients to think in a rational and solution-focused way. This empowers them to overcome the limiting beliefs, low self worth and unhelpful habits (like procrastination and feeling not good enough) that are keeping them stuck.

Remember, your thoughts create your reality

Melissa Hood
Director of The Parent Practice

Caroline made possible for me something that had previously been impossible. I had been sitting on a book for at least 10 years and had even written a couple of chapters about 6 years ago. But I hadn’t got any further ostensibly because of other calls on my time but really because of many self-doubts – it wouldn’t be good enough, there were many books in my field out there, who was I to think that anyone would want to read what I wrote, how impertinent of me to think of myself as an author…etc. Caroline helped me to see how I could strive for what I wanted without being held back by my limiting beliefs. The result is a book with a publishing deadline looming! 

Caroline' style is so non-judgmental – important for me as I was judging myself so harshly. I came away with clarity and confidence about how to move forward.

Jet The Dog Graphic Design)

Despite a successful career, and having been self-employed for 14 years, I suffer from anxiety.... Anxiety over finding a parking space on the way to a meeting, fear of of picking up the phone, of introducing myself in meetings. All fundamental to running a business. I went to Caroline to help overcome my anxiety, and she has done just that. She listened without judgement, was kind and understanding throughout and was very easy to talk to. Each session included practical advice and calming relaxation techniques that I could do at home. After the series of sessions I was able to control and manage my anxiety so that it no longer took control of me. It has made such a difference, both personally and to my business. I would thoroughly recommend her. Thank you Caroline.