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Caroline Ferguson MA, CBH Adv Dip is the creator of the PACES™ formula for developing greater self-awareness and mindset control. She is a TEDx Woman speaker.

Caroline Ferguson
Mindset Speaker

Caroline is one of the leading Mindset speakers and trainers in the UK. She shows high-potential entrepreneurs, business leaders and Sensitive Upstarts, how to become more resilient, self aware and solution-focused.

An engaging and thought-provoking speaker, Caroline delivers interactive talks, workshops and training programmes to individuals and organisations. 

She encourages her audience to identify their hot-spots and triggers, and equips them with proven tools to overcome the limiting beliefs, stuck emotions and behaviours that may be preventing them from delivering their full impact.

Mindset topics that Caroline covers for business

TOPICS (scroll down for testimonials from bookers and attendees):

How to Blast Through Your Mindset Blocks

Learn to spot when you're getting in your own way and dissolve your limiting beliefs and inner resistance.

Work-Life Balance - It's All in the Mind

Why balance is never going to happen, isn't actually desirable and what to aim for instead. Plus 5 ways to achieve a healthier state of  living.

Image of Caroline Ferguson speaking

Get The Darned Thing Done!

Why you have to start with mindset if you want to beat procrastination and become an action taker.

Image of Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Speaker

I AM Good Enough!

Where low self worth and imposter syndrome really come from - and how to banish them and boost your professional confidence.

Caroline Ferguson speaking on BBC radio

Tune In To Your Inner Radio

Why self-awareness is the number one mindset skill, and how to hear, challenge and change your unhelpful self-talk.

Caroline Ferguson TEDx speaker

The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) at Work

One in five of the population are HSPs. Find out why they're such valuable employees and how to stop them from burning out in the stressful corporate world.

Caroline can also create a bespoke talk or training series to suit your organisation's needs. Contact Caroline about speaking at your event.

What people are saying about Caroline

Nova Woodrow
LoveLiving Events

Warmth and Connection...

”Caroline is the kind of speaker who exudes warmth and connection at the same time as engaging and motivating her audience – the perfect combination! She is able to get the audience thinking and talking long after the event has finished, the sign of a great speaker.”

Quality of content...

“Caroline Ferguson has been a guest masterclass expert in my Academy for Talented Women not once, but twice. And the reason for this is that I was completely blown away by every aspect of her first masterclass and I wanted her back! The quality of the content, the fluency of delivery, the beauty of the visual materials but most of all Caroline's real expertise are all second to none. In fact, I'm so impressed by Caroline as a speaker and facilitator that I have asked her to speak at my forthcoming live event in 2016.

If you want your delegates to walk away having learnt effective and practical strategies that they can actually implement, you should work with Caroline. You won't be disappointed!”

Amanda Alexander
Academy for Talented Women
Sherry Bevan
Women's confidence coach

Lightbulb moments...

“Caroline was one of my most popular speakers in The Confident Mother conference. One mum said "lightbulb moments, left right and centre!”

Articulate, knowledgeable and passionate...

“I interviewed Caroline for my World-Changing Writers summit recently on the subject of mindset. She was a pleasure to interview: articulate, knowledgeable and passionate, with a real talent for putting across complex ideas in an accessible, engaging way.”

Alison Jones

Recent interview recordings: 

"Unlocking the Secret Power of Sensitivity at Work" - TEDx Drapanos Women. 

"Are You A High Sensation Seeker?"
Interview with leading business podcast host, Aimee Montgomery.

"The Inner Game of Writing"
Interview with publisher, Alison Jones for the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast.

Image of Alison Jones Podcast interview with Caroline Ferguson

"The mindset of being visible"
Interview with online business expert, Kevin Arrow.

Recent Talks

- TEDx Women Drapanos, Crete
- Women Empowerment Summit
- Deutsche Bank
- Women in Recruitment Group, Recruitment and Employment Confederation
- NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society)
- Her Event conference
- BBC staff diversity sessions
- BBC 3 Counties Radio
- Bedfordshire Business Women
- Tate Recruitment
- Global Entrepreneur's Week
- Academy for Talented Women
- World Changing Writers Summit
- The Confident Mother Summit
- Women in Business Network
- LoveLiving Events workshops
- High Performing Women panel
- Superstar Communicator podcast

Catch Caroline speaking at these forthcoming events:

1 March

Train the Trainers Day
Speaking on "How to break through your inner resistance and get the outcome you want."

4 April

Disrupt HR Peterborough
Speaking on "Why Sensitivity is the New Superpower at Work"

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