Mindset Matters - because your thoughts create your reality.

Anxious woman behind barbed wire

If you're honest, you know you're capable of more.

More happiness. Bigger impact. Greater abundance. More success.


It's time to stop blaming circumstances and accept that the real reason why you're not doing – and being – half of what you're capable of is... YOU. It's your own mindset – your limiting beliefs, fears and bad habits – that's keeping you stuck.

How is your mindset sabotaging you?

How many of these do you experience sometimes or often?

  • Procrastination
  • Self doubt and "not good enough"
  • Fear of failure
  • Give up when it's too hard
  • Perfectionism
  • Craving approval
  • Anxiety about the future
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Negative comparisons with others
  • Bullying inner critic
  • You don't deserve the dream
  • Prioritising others over yourself

If you ticked a load of them, don't worry, that's normal. We all have a tendency to get in our own way until we learn how NOT to. 

This is where Mindset Training comes in.

Most of the self-sabotaging beliefs, emotions and behaviours listed above are unconscious.  No wonder you can't fix them. It's impossible to change something you aren't aware of.

When you become conscious of your limiting stories, you take yourself off autopilot. Now that you're aware of those beliefs, you can challenge and change them.

And since your beliefs play a large part in creating your emotions and behaviour, what happens when you change the way you think is that you can't help but change how you feel and behave.

That is the BEST news. If you're ready to let go of those old stories that are obstructing you, and learn how to think in a flexible, constructive, resilient way, let me know.

Shane Melaugh

Positive mindset changes...

“Since working with Caroline, I've been able to make so many positive changes in my mindset which have helped me to move forward. Thank you for your ongoing support and sharing your unique gifts with us."


Develop a GROWTH MINDSET and silence your inner critic.

I teach high-potential entrepreneurs, business leaders and Sensitive Upstarts how to rewire their mind and free themselves to deliver their full, extraordinary impact. 

You may think it's too late for you but if you read my some of my clients' experiences on this website, you'll see that it's never too late. You really can change the world – you just need to start by changing your mind. 

Just imagine what you'll achieve when:

  • You can spot limiting beliefs as soon as they crop up and  replace them with helpful, flexible, solution-focused thoughts.
  • The voice in your head is compassionate and constructive, instead of hyper-critical.
  • You can get things done when you want, instead of procrastinating and wasting time.
Shane Melaugh

Excited about the future again...

“The most positive effect of working with Caroline is that I feel back “in control” of my thoughts and emotions. I respond to situations more logically, as opposed to simply reacting to them emotionally. This has enabled me to look to the future constructively and steer it in the direction I would like, rather than waiting passively for things to happen and being fearful of outcomes. I feel excited about the future again – and it's the best feeling! I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommended in Caroline as a Mindset Trainer.

Kelly ~ Accountant

How Caroline  can support you

There are a number of ways in which we can work together, from courses that arrive in your inbox each day, to high level 1-2-1 Mindset Training. If you'd like help to work out which method is best for you, please get in touch by clicking on one of the 4 images below.

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1-2-1 Mindset Training

Tailored Mindset Training for leaders and Sensitive Upstarts, plus personal access to me and all of my online training material.

Image of woman being put through her mindset PACES

Sensitive Upstart Session 

In this 90-minute private online session, learn the main ways you're holding yourself back and get tips to help you shift them.

Talks for your teams

Enhance staff wellbeing, resilience and productivity with interactive talks on mindset and personal development.

Business Sensitivity Audit

Is your office living hell for highly sensitive persons (HSPs), who may be your most valuable employees? Find out with a HSP audit. 

Who chooses to work with Caroline?

Here are some examples of the aspiring high-performers I work with every day:

  • A highly sensitive (HSP) coach who wants to make her mark on the world but can't get seem to get past the point she's at now.
  • An expert who's started a business and feels overwhelmed at everything she doesn't know.
  • A CEO who's been treading water for a long time and has lost all enthusiasm for his business goals.
  • A senior manager who's lost confidence and fears being outed as an imposter.

If you've had enough of feeling stuck, anxious or overwhelmed, drop me a line and we can arrange to have an informal chat. I'll help you to understand your mindset issues and give you a flavour of what it's like to work with me.

Shane Melaugh

Warm, supportive delivery...

“Get the Darned Thing Done was exactly what I needed: the mix of subconscious intervention (the meditations were so powerful) with the daily thinking and tasks created a real shift which has lasted beyond the course itself. There is no fluff, the material is based on solid scientific research, but what makes it so powerful is Caroline's warm, supportive delivery. I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone whose grasp of their to-do list is anything less than perfect."

Alison ~ Book Publisher and Business Book Coach

Get in touch with Caroline

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If you'd like to explore working with Caroline, or engage her as a speaker or a Mindset Trainer for your business, click the button below to get in touch.