Robin Williams and Your Functional Zones – Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Trainer

Robin Williams and Your Functional Zones

By Caroline Ferguson | Functional Zones

What does Robin Williams have to do with you being your best self? A lot, as it happens.

When I heard the news that Williams had died, I dug around the back of my video shelf until I found what I wanted – a copy of 1987’s “Good Morning Vietnam”.

I wanted to see the multi-talented actor and comedian do what he did best: hurl himself into the English language without a safety line and ride it like a man possessed, with hilarious, tender and manic consequences.

To see Robin Williams when he was ‘on’ was to observe someone completely at home in what I call ‘the FLOW Zone’. The directors who were brave enough to tear up the script and let him improvise were rewarded with stunning, free-wheeling performances that left audiences – and me – gasping at his talent and ingenuity.

Over the next five days, I’ll explain what I mean by your Functional Zones and walk you through the five zones I’ve identified.

Their names will probably give you an idea of what they might represent:

  • The NO Zone
  • The SLOW Zone
  • The GO Zone
  • The PRO Zone
  • The FLOW Zone

We spend our lives moving through these zones, sliding up and down, surging forward or creaking to a halt, depending on the activity we’re engaged in at the time.

Being able to identify your current zone, and being conscious of how you operate in each of the four zones, can pay huge dividends.

If you choose to use it constructively, this knowledge may change your life. That sounds dramatic but it’s true.

Understanding the Zones and acting on that understanding can turn you from passenger to exhilarated driver, in full control of your speed, direction and destination – and absolutely loving every minute of the journey.

Not taking action will at best keep showing you tantalising glimpses of the deeply satisfying life that you’re not quite living.

I’ll start with The NO Zone. Buckle up and join me on the ride.


About the Author

Caroline is a Mindset Trainer and speaker who works with sensitive, high-potential leaders who know they were born for something more. She shows them how to beat mindset blocks and habits, such as limiting beliefs, low self worth and procrastination, that are preventing them from making a bigger impact.

  • sarah says:

    This will be interesting! I ‘think’ I’m in the go zone. Not sure it’s quite reached ‘flow.’ !!

    I guess I’ll find out soon ….

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