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Get the Darned Thing Done!

How to Beat Procrastination and Become an Action Taker in 14 Days Using Mindset Magic.

Be able to take action 
when YOU decide.

Scroll down to read testimonials from people like you who've beaten their procrastination habit.

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Your mindset training programme will arrive in your email inbox each morning for 14 days to help you beat your procrastination habit. 

    • Tired of feeling guilty because you STILL haven't done that vital task?
    • Desperate to get your accounts finished as the deadline looms ever nearer?
    • Sick of constantly carrying over the same set of tasks on your 'to do' list?
    • Frustrated because you can't leave Facebook alone and get on with work?
    • Exasperated at how little control you have over your mind and habits?

If you've despaired of beating procrastination, I'll show you how to break the delaying habit and become an action taker in as little as 30 minutes a day for just 14 days.

The course comes with LIVE online mindset masterclasses for 3 months to help you maintain your new action habit. You'll also get membership of a Facebook group for accountability, support and motivation.

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* This special New Year rate is available until 7pm GMT on Sunday 1st January. The full investment for the course is normally £247. The next course starts on Monday 2nd January, 2017.​

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Jayne Gould

I have tried many ways to become more productive at work (and home) but nothing lasted and I soon went back to my old habits. From Day 1 of Get the Darned Thing Done I could see a difference - not only was I ticking outstanding (and generally unpopular) tasks off my to do list but I was enjoying the work! As a psychology graduate I had a good understanding of the issue but not how to change myself. This course did it for me - I can feel a positive shift in how I work and know that this time it is going to stick.

Here's what you'll receive with "Get the Darned Thing Done!" 

An email each day for 14 days

Your short, motivational training for the day, delivered straight to your inbox,  with links to videos and other materials.

A daily video to download

A short  video will walk you through the anti-procrastination training and exercises each day.

2 Course workbooks

You'll receive a PDF workbook each week to keep track of progress. Use the exercises to help you achieve any goal.

2 Hypnosis recordings

Two powerful and relaxing 15-minute hypnosis tracks to help you embed what you learn on the course.​

3 Live mindset masterclasses

Once a month for 3 months, tune in to live online training to develop your mindset skills and stay on track.​

Bonus 1
GoalStar Tool

Once you're an action taker, use this deceptively simple tool to identify the goals that will transform your life.

Bonus 2
Productivity Tips

3 powerful ways to help you motor through your to-do list and create time in your busy schedule for the big tasks.

Bonus 3
Facebook Group

Find an Accountability Buddy, share wins and challenges and stay on track with the support of our friendly group.

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* This special New Year rate is available until 7pm GMT on Sunday 1st January. The full investment for the course is normally £247. The next course starts on Monday 2nd January, 2017.​

Alison Jones,

Get the Darned Thing Done was exactly what I needed: the mix of subconscious intervention (the meditations were so powerful) with the daily thinking and tasks created a real shift which has lasted beyond the course itself. There is no fluff, the material is based on solid scientific research, but what makes it so powerful is Caroline's warm, supportive delivery. I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone whose grasp of their to do list is anything less than perfect.

"Get the Darned Thing Done" IS for you if... 

  • You're desperate to break your procrastination habit so you can get on with things that matter.
  • You want more control over your time and to get things done when it suits you.
  • You have plans for your business - or body or home or relationship.
  • You'd love the luxury of having ample time and space to finish projects.
  • You want to stay on top of your to-do list

      But this course ISN'T for you if you don't want to change...     

If you want your life to be different, you have to be prepared to do things differently.

When you follow "Get the Darned Thing Done" for 14 days from beginning to end, watching the videos, doing the exercises and listening to the hypnosis tracks, you can weaken your old habit of putting things off.

It's exciting to develop awareness of what's happening in your own mind and start building the powerful new habit of being an action taker.

Stack of pebbles forming a see-saw

Yes, you'll need to make an effort, and to keep on maintaining that effort if you want the change to stick, but I've made the process as simple and engaging as possible to help you.

Many people who've done the course have noticed a difference from day 1 and this proof can encourage you to sustain your new action-taking mindset for life.

Lynne Wilkins

I would highly recommend Caroline's course - it's easy to follow, superb tips you can really implement and I've got more done in the first two weeks of the year for my business than I had in the whole of the last quarter - plus I've found a great friend and mentor in my accountability buddy.

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Try It 100% Risk-FREE with my 90 DAY GUARANTEE!

I guarantee that if you follow the course exactly as I advise, including watching the videos, recruiting an accountability partner, doing the exercises and listening to the hypnosis regularly, you WILL experience deeper self-awareness and a greater ability to take action.

If there's been no improvement within 90 days of payment and following the training closely, send me scans of your workbooks and I'll refund your money in full. I ask to see your assignments because there can't be any improvement unless you put in the effort. I want to support you in your mission to become an action taker and I wouldn't be doing that if I didn't hold you accountable for your growth.

Sign up for  "Get the Darned Thing Done" now!

* This special New Year rate is available until 7pm GMT on Sunday 1st January. The full investment for the course is normally £247. The next course starts on Monday 2nd January, 2017.​

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Christina Raven

I was looking forward to the course and have not been disappointed. There is a good mix of ideas to listen to and images to play with, both scientific and creative, and some great strategies that have made a big difference to my efficiency and effectiveness. Now I know my busy-ness is actually achieving something! I feel much more on top of my list, and can really celebrate how much I have accomplished and learned - with the guidance of this course, the support and encouragement in the Facebook group, and with the help of my Accountability Buddy (a wonderful and life-changing concept). Thank you, Caroline!