Dragon Mindset Monthly Masterclasses

Making time for regular mindset training puts YOU in charge of you:

Image of Caroline Ferguson, Mindset Speaker
  •   Develop self-awareness to help you understand and tackle your mindset blocks.
  •   Gain greater control over your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions.
  •   Learn simple ways to interrupt unhelpful stories and behaviour.
  •  Weaken bad habits and embed new ones that serve you better.
  •   Develop self-acceptance and improve your confidence and self-belief.
  •   Tune in to your self talk and change the tone and content whenever you want. 

 . . . All in just 45 minutes a month in your own home!

Click below to register for 2017's masterclasses for £120 (just £10 a month):

You'll receive an email containing a link to attend an online masterclass each month. A recording of the session will be sent to you in case you can't make it live.