How quickly could you blast through your target if your beliefs and habits stopped sabotaging you?

Special offer for £2k Challengers:
work 1-2-1 with
Caroline Ferguson at more than 50% off!

Caroline Ferguson,
Mindset Trainer and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

If you're ready to blast through your blocks, book a free, first-steps chat with me. After that, if we both feel working together is a good thing, we'll get cracking as soon as you're ready.

What this offer includes:

  • 1 x 3-hour Mindset Training session on Skype (or in person, if you can get to Hertfordshire). We'll dig out the number one limiting belief that's creating resistance for you and build a robust new belief and prioritised action plan to take you towards your goal.
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    The first session includes purpose-built hypnotherapy to prime you with transformative energy and embed your powerful new belief about what you can achieve.
  • 1 x 60-minute follow-up Skype call to check progress, deal with any hiccoughs and reinforce your new constructive belief.
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    Recordings of your sessions, including the hypnosis, so that you can revisit your bespoke Mindset Training whenever you want a boost.

Your investment - less than half the usual price

Normally the fee for this package is £800. As a £2k Challenger, you'll pay just £395 when you book your mindset training by end of Sunday 15th July. (All sessions to be completed by end August.)

Yes, I want to book a free first-steps chat now.

Mindset Training — Why Should You?

We each have a script playing in our head that shapes our every experience. Is your script helping you achieve your full impact? Or are you running self-sabotaging stories like:

 > "I have to do it perfectly or I can't do it at all." 

 > "Why does it have to be so hard?"

 > "Why would people choose me when there are so many others doing this brilliantly?"

Mindset training gives you the tools to rewrite your script so that you can transform your thoughts, feelings and actions — and skyrocket your impact and success.

You know you're capable of more. More impact. More joy. More prosperity.


What lights me up is teaching purpose-led, high-potential leaders how to own their promise and move past their blocks so that they can sky-rocket their impact for good and live richly satisfying lives.

What Others Say About Working With Caroline:


Caroline made possible for me something that had previously been impossible. I had been sitting on a book for at least 10 years and had even written a couple of chapters but hadn’t got any further because of many self-doubts.

Caroline helped me to see how I could strive for what I wanted without being held back by my limiting beliefs.

The result is a published book! Her style is so non-judgmental – important for me as I was judging myself so harshly. I came away with clarity and confidence about how to move forward.


Director, Author and Parent Trainer



I had been needing some support to get the drive going in my life and business, and Caroline quickly (and compassionately!) helped me delve into my core beliefs and from there to work on credible goal setting too.

She has a hugely engaging and caring manner which comes from a deep well of experience and expertise... she has that magic ability to ‘give’ you the energy you need. If you are ‘stuck’ in any way – or not yet stuck and just want some support to challenge what is holding you back from even greater success – then look no further.

MD, Travel Agency


Sometimes, even when we think we've done the work on ourself, when we REALLY begin to uplevel our dreams and even step, let alone stride and leap, outside our comfort zone there can be a residue of 'stuff' that makes achieving our big vision feel like riding a bike up a mountain with the brakes rubbing.

Caroline is not only highly trained, professional and talented, she is one of the most caring, authentic and empathetic people I know... I will be eternally grateful to her for helping me to get ready for what I know is to come.

CEO, Business Coach and Author

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